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Stug fans = Doug. Stendan fans = Brendan.

It sounds pretty obvious, but a Stug fan pointed out a few months ago that Doug and Brendan pretty much speak on behalf of the entire fanbase. It’s true most of the time, to be honest. Loved last night for example -

(Stug fans): BOO! HISS! Daddy Doug should take Ste and Amy’s kids away!

Doug: Daddy-Doug’s here. It’s just some presents for Leah and Lucas. I was kind of hoping I could see Leah and Lucas every now and then, I know it’s not cool but I miss being with them.

(Stendan fans): Errrr… they ain’t Doug’s kids guys. They’re Ste’s kids. Stop gassing about Stendan please, they’re nothing to do with your precious Doug anymore. Time to move on.

Brendan: Aw, you didn’t have to do that, what with you having nothing to do with their lives anymore.

(Stug fans): I know Stendan aren’t intefering with Doug anymore, but I’ll probably continue to rant about what horrible awful characters they are, because that’s what my blog’s dedicated to…. more than it’s dedicated to Doug, even.

Doug: You know, in a sick way, I kind of miss that.

The only difference so far between Doug and Stug fans is that Doug was readily able to admit, "You two were always gonna get there, I just got in the way for a little while."

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B…b…but WHAT?!

I’m sorry Brothersoapbox, you MUST be trolling. This will be my last post now, cos I can feel myself becoming AS annoying to the fans as you are, simply by dignifying your posts with a response. 

But seriously, to have a post that credits ‘sensible fans’ with an accompanying gif “Just forget about Brendan, alright?” - thereby suggesting that a ‘sensible’ fan won’t bother crediting/talking about Brendan….. when that’s all you obsess over yourself. This can’t even be accidental contradiction. That must just be trolling. You are becoming a far-fetched parody of your old self; I fear you’ve lost yourself in your tirade of hate, not even hating Stendan anymore even, just their fans.

You give as much senseless attention to Stendan as their most hardcore fans do. It’s like Brendan’s real to you, brotha! If I remind you he’s not, will you sleep better tonight? I shan’t respond to it anymore though, because I love Stendan and your obsessive compulsion with them is basically just a credit to the storyline and how powerfully affective it is. I imagine the writers love your blog as much as I do. 

I’m tagging this post ‘Doug Carter’. Even though it ain’t got nowt to do with Mr Carter. But then yours didn’t have anything to do with Stendan, so I’m just gonna join you being a crazy cat, liberated from the tag-system! 

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The hilarity of being called ‘haters’ for loving a character…. by those that dedicate entire blogs to their hatred of him. 

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Anonymous said: What makes me laugh is that a lot of them used to be Stendan shippers. Now, since they used to ship them, surely they can see why others ship them too. No? Oh okay I guess they rediscovered their morals and found the right way etc. Maybe lord will have mercy on us too and guide us to the healthy path. I mean television rules our brains don't it?

God have mercy on my soul, for I am finding the prospect of two damaged TV characters struggling to overcome their demons deeply moving. Dear lord, I have sinned.

January 21, 2013

Anonymous said: so you let your anons speak for you and then insult them? they weren't able to insult the "stendan-haters" on their own blogs or with their blog name over the asks and as if I'd try to "debate" with people who contradict theirselves at every turn - just telling you to stop b/c ur making the whole fanbase look like idiot 14yr olds

I wasn’t insulting my anons when I said I don’t use anon. And I am speaking for myself, I would say. But if someone sends me an anon I agree with, I’m gonna post it. I hope that’s all okay with you. 

January 21, 2013

Anonymous said: This debate is going really well, it's interesting to see the two sides come up against one another, but you aren't the only one giving informed or intelligent replies, as brendanbradys says. I am not trying to make this sound damning at all! As a person not an any one side i am telling you that their argument is well informed and as full of feeling as yours is and please don't ignore that. Your debate is swinging wildly into conjecture and personal feeling. Please keep up the steady work.

Thank you. Although I won’t continue the debate anymore, I don’t think. It’s too hard to argue with people when they simply get angry at a CHARACTER acting immoral or irrational. They just should stay away from the TV set then, or take it up in Chuch - I’m sure God will be fascinated by their concerns about Ste’s sense of wellbeing. 

I’m losing my mind a little. Just replying to this sudden stream of anons, then signing out! 

January 21, 2013

Anonymous said: I don't get these people half of them hate Ste's guts and the other half wants Ste to be Doug's pet dog. They want Ste to beg him for forgiveness. Next they'll be yearning for a storyline where Doug buys Ste a collar and teaches him tricks!

January 21, 2013

Anonymous said: Oh how petty now they're accusing you of talking to yourself ;) Yeah because everyone out there adores them and you have no one on side.

Yeah. Do they think there’s a shortage of people who will agree with me? They can’t possibly - they dedicate a lot of their lives to Stendan, they MUST know the size of the fanbase.

January 21, 2013

mr-steven-brady said: you're really good at answering questions :)

Thanks :) I get some great material to work with from those stug-fans.

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Anonymous said: stop sending yourself anons

I don’t even send anons to others. This is an out-and-proud blog. I will defy these Stendan-haters proudly, with the name of my blog clear for all to see! Try it?

January 21, 2013

Anonymous said: Oi don't diss Doug's epic coming out story!! he got a plastic badge and then everything was okay ;)